Yellow Rose: The Legend of Emily West
Book by Sarah Lawrence                
Lyrics by Paul V. Gandolfi, Terry A. Langfitt & Sarah Lawrence

Music by Paul V. Gandolfi & Terry A. Langfitt  

In 1836, Emily West—a young, biracial runaway slave—yearns to find  freedom. Landing in a missionary school in Connecticut, she finds herself caught between two worlds, not accepted by the black or white community. When Captain James Morgan comes to town recruiting settlers for Tejas (Texas), she jumps at the chance. Upon arriving, she is immediately thrown into the war between Mexico and the Tejas settlers. Emily must also choose between Levi Gates, the noble dock foreman, and charismatic President Santa Anna of Mexico; both men want her at all costs. The bold decisions she makes changed the course of history and helped earn Texas its independence. 

Sarah Lawrence


Featured Work

Bibo and Bertie

     Public Theatre, San Antonio, 2020 ZOOM Staged Reading

     Middletown Arts Center, NJ, when productions resume.

In 1954, Albert Einstein--the most famous man in the world--celebrates his 75th birthday. He receives an unusual birthday gift: Bibo the parrot (true story!) who teaches Bertie the one life lesson he has not yet mastered—how to love.

   Winner, Southern Playwrights Competition
   National American College Theater Festival Finalist

   Finalist, Julie Harris, Jewel Box, and nine other competitions

   Semi-finalist O'Neill Competition 2019
   Top 3 Finalist, Screencraft 2020, Book Pipeline Award 2017 
Most Americans know Patrick "Give me liberty" Henry; few know he kept his presumably mad wife Sarah in a straitjacket in their basement. After her mysterious death, he never again delivered a great speech. This is Sarah's story.

Duende: Recuerdos de Flamenco
   2020 Workshop Production Lab Theatre Tampa postponed

   Winner, Stageplay Division, Moondance Intl Film Festival, 2019                       Finalist, Julie Harris Award 2016
Francisco and Delores de la Fuente, the greatest flamenco duo of modern time, present an evening of performance, interactive demonstration, and relationship therapy. Over the course of the play, audiences experience the Duende, the exquisite feeling of beauty and pain at the same time--the foundation of all authentic flamenco and too often, love itself.