Yellow Rose: The Legend of Emily West
Book by Sarah Lawrence               Estimated completion:  May, 2020 
Lyrics by Paul V. Gandolfi, Terry A. Langfitt & Sarah Lawrence

Music by Paul V. Gandolfi & Terry A. Langfitt  

Yellow Rose delivers entertainment as sweeping and grand as Texas itself. In 1836, heroic young Emily West—the legendary Yellow Rose—sacrifices her own freedom so that Texas can win its independence from Mexico. The music brings together the unique and rich confluence of cultures—Mexican, African-American, and white settlers—that make Texas the colorful and diverse place it is today.  ​

The King and Me
Completed 1997
Winner, Pegasus Theater Dallas New Comedy Search

Theodore Kingsley is on a divine quest: rid America of Elvis worship. The King himself appears to Theodore and converts him into a believer. For Elvis fans, this is a tribute. For the rest, the play is a send-up of a man whose belt size exceeded his IQ at the time of his death.​

All Ye Who Enter Here
Completed 2013
World Premiere:  Soho Theater, NYC October-November 2014
Workshopped at Addison Center Theatre, Addison TX 

Join us for a whirlwind tour of Tijuana’s nightlife along with drug dealers, prostitutes and denizens of the dark. The Woman, your lovely guide, begins with a salacious tale of her spectacular fall from grace. All souls trapped in Circle 8 started with such a fall-- unfortunate choices that guarantee them a ringside seat in The Inferno. The Woman has figured out an ingenious escape but needs your help to execute her plan.

Bibo and Bertie
Completed: 2016​

     Lab Theater Project, Tampa, Florida, 2018 (workshop production)

     Richardson Theatre Centre, Richardson, TX  2019/20 TBA Premiere!

In 1954, the most famous man in the world at the time—Albert Einstein—celebrates his 75th birthday. He knows that death is not far off; he is caught between a desperate struggle to complete his life’s work: the unified field theory, and his overwhelming desire to find peace of mind, to lay down his burdens of guilt over the nuclear arms race and his lifelong string of failed relationships. His most unusual birthday gift was an African grey parrot named Bibo (true story!). During their time together, Albert nurses Bibo back to health. The play is based on the notion that Bibo teaches him how to love, a skill Albert never mastered. 

Featured Work

Sarah Lawrence


Completed, 1994                          Currently being adapted for the screen
Winner, Southern Playwrights Competition
National American College Theater Festival Finalist

Finalist, Julie Harris, Jewel Box, and nine other competitions
Top 3 Finalist, Book Pipeline Award 2017 
Most Americans know Patrick "Give me liberty" Henry; few know he kept his presumably mad wife Sarah in a straitjacket in their basement, and after her mysterious death, he never again delivered a great speech. This is Sarah's story.

Duende: Recuerdos de Flamenco
Completed: 2017 
Winner, Stageplay Division, Moondance Intl Film Festival, 2019                       

Finalist, Julie Harris Award 2016
Francisco and Delores de la Fuente are living legends, the greatest flamenco duo of modern time. They present a compelling evening of performance, interactive demonstration, history lesson and relationship therapy on stage. Action ricochets between clever banter and lively anecdotes of the heights of their careers to the depths of tragedy as they recount tales of the Spanish Civil War, their exile to New York, the crumbling of their marriage, and the dark duende of flamenco.